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Attention Developers: See how you can integrate Azure AD and Microsoft Graph into your application with BBM Enterprise SDK

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1x1.trans - Attention Developers: See how you can integrate Azure AD and Microsoft Graph into your application with BBM Enterprise SDK

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Real-time communications on different devices and platforms become enterprise-table interests and Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) tools such as the BBM Enterprise SDK are important factors for productivity and collaborative growth that companies are constantly striving for.

The BBME SDK is based on our strong history in secure mobile messaging and enables developers to quickly integrate secure voice, video, messaging and data sharing services into their apps. Through the SDK your company can achieve its full communication potential without having to spend resources on maintaining a back-end or developing custom functions. And we are always looking for ways to give you more options in that respect.

At BlackBerry, we understand that customers may already have Microsoft solutions to manage contacts and user authentication. We want to make it easier to integrate those services with BBME SDK so that you can quickly innovate and offer new opportunities for your growing number of users.

Therefore, we would like to show you how you can integrate Microsoft Azure AD and Microsoft Graph to boost your secure app development journey. We have given a number of example codes to see this in action.

Azure AD for identity management

Your employees are likely to use multiple apps on multiple devices on an average business day. Without an effective identity management solution, handling authentication for those apps is a nightmare for both end users and IT.

BBM Enterprise SDK can be integrated with Azure AD to easily authenticate and link users to their accounts.

View our code sample that shows how the SDK can be used with Azure AD to provide a cloud-based identity provider for a customer's application.

Microsoft graph for user data management

With app development, you need to be sure that your employees' data is connected to services to provide a seamless integrated experience. The Microsoft Graph API connects your BBME SDK apps with the necessary data, such as e-mail, calendar, contacts and directory, allowing developers to easily facilitate powerful communication.

View our code sample that shows how to integrate the Microsoft Graph API into your BBME SDK app.

Security around

The BBM Enterprise SDK protects your messages against display or modification by anyone other than the sender and intended recipients.

To keep your data secure, the cryptographic keys used to secure, store and distribute this communication are stored through a storage system of the cloud code of your choice that meets our requirements. If you use Microsoft services, you can do so with Microsoft Cosmos DB.

With superior security, unparalleled reliability and rich chat features, the BBM Enterprise SDK provides your business with everything needed to keep employees and customers connected and communicating. Whatever your industry or utensil, you are insured with Blackberry. And we will help you keep every message, every data stream and call secure.

Here you will find new example apps and code .

Visit the BBME SDK website for more information about integrating real-time communication into your apps and services.

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