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Streaming entertainment is a massive interest of mine as both a consumer and a web developer. My love of streaming entertainment dates back to the early years of RealPlayer and the misery of a million codecs. Fast forward to today and I work a lot with ReactJS, as well as dozens of streaming technologies such as YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, and so on. That led me to think: is there a good open source component for embedding videos from popular video providers?

Let's look at ReactPlayer, a very simple but useful component for streaming video players for ReactJS!

The use of the ReactPlayer component is very simple:

import ReactPlayer from & # 39; react-player & # 39 ;;

class app expands component 

ReactPlayer offers a number of options for both general and service-specific viewing, as well as a number of callbacks for events and even multi-source playback options.

ReactPlayer is a great tool for embedding popular media resources on your own site. The configuration is minimal and you can use any video service within a few minutes.

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