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Confessions of a web developer XVI

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confessions of a web developer xvi - Confessions of a web developer XVI

It has been a long time since I have received a few things from my chest and because I am always full of peeves and annoyances I thought it was time to unleash:

  • If I were just starting the front-end development, I would be so lost. Today the standard seems to be JSX, CSS and HTML everywhere embedded, CSS and JavaScript exceed limits in functionality, wild web pack and Node.js configurations, and lots of build tools to make it all work. Or do new developers not know better?
  • Do not allow yourself to be bitter; instead, advocate for yourself. No one is looking forward to your happiness next to you. Make it true and chase what makes you most happy.
  • Treat each code review, as well as the reviewer and the submitter, as a learning and team building experience. Your code does not represent you personally, but your review comments certainly do. Be a cheerleader, do not be a cancer.
  • Does desktop Safari still exist?
  • Re-designing a blog is difficult. I have probably thrown out a dozen designs since the current design. The love for a design is lost long before users see it.
  • I am shocked by what appears to be the lack of React performance aids . I have not used React as often as I would have liked, but I often hear that React leads to slow sites.
  • The Xbox One X is great. Lightning fast processing, glorious 4k assets, compatibility with earlier versions and a few great start games. Up to 100GB of game downloads? My word …
  • It is difficult for me to concentrate, especially when it comes to blog topics. Gaming, PHP, JavaScript, CSS … my mind is everywhere … and I really like .
  • I am pleased that the modern JavaScript framework "wars" is not as negative and malicious as the original JavaScript frame wars (jQuery, MooTools, etc.). We all have to be adults nowadays …
  • … however, the browser wars are warming up. Mozilla is more direct in marketing and Brave has gone in a completely new direction. Your move, Chrome?
  • The last year and a half of work from home was a nightmare . Two children come in every moment, hear nothing but moan a few minutes … it really puts an end to the motivation and the ability to think. Another point of bitterness.
  • I would be completely lost without this blog and you all. Thank you very much for your support. It means more than you will ever know.
  • The possession of crypto is a gripping experience. You feel almost more at ease when the price drops.
  • I'm a bit shocked to do a podcast and videocasses. I have less confidence in my appearance and then vote that I am my coding skills. And that says something.

Those are my thoughts at the moment. Let me know what I'm wrong with! Confess your own dev-sins!

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<! –


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    Script & Style Show: Episode 10: Dojo
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