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DDoS protection by Incapsula (sponsored)

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DDoS security is an incredibly important protection for sites that require reliability regardless of the service your site offers. Whether your online product or service is for managing money, buying or selling crypto or simply sharing your technology (like this blog), there is always a chance that your site will be attacked. For example, this blog has been DDoS & # 39; d many times

Incapsula offers CDN and a number of security functions, such as DDoS security, for financial and especially cryptocurrency services. Cryptocurrency exchanges are now among the most frequently attacked services, especially after they have seen their value increase, and so they need every type of attack prevention solution.

Fast hits

  • Incapsula offers you a free trial period of seven days
  • Incapsula offers CDN, security, DDoS security, load balancing and more
  • Incapsula is trusted by Wix, Thomson Reuters, Hitachi and Siemens
  • Incapsula has added a focus on blockchain-based security and availability
  • Incapsula & # 39; s WAF service is an all-in-one solution to protect your web assets

Global DDoS for Crypto Whitepaper

Incapulsa has provided a detailed whitepaper with analysis of the current attack landscape and their goals:

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Some interesting highlights:

  • Gambling, gaming and crypto are the most attacked industries
  • On average, targets are attacked ~ 9 times per quarter
  • The United States is the most attacked country – 80%!
  • Most attacks last from 30 minutes to 6 (!) Hours

Incapsula is built to prevent these attacks, so your site and service can avoid all the pain of online attacks!

DDoS security is nowadays an essential security feature on the web and thanks to Incapsula it is not difficult to implement and it is not expensive. And DDoS protection is just one of the features of Incapsula – you can also get CDN and other security-oriented services. View Incapsula and discover how the service is built to protect your crypto and other belongings from wrongdoers!

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