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Force a reaction component to render again

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The beauty of React components is that they are automatically displayed and updated on the basis of a change in state or props ; just update the status from anywhere and suddenly your UI element is updated – great! There may, however, be a case where you simply want to brutally force a new version of a React component.

Note: in most cases, you must never force a React component to render again; re-rendering must always be done on the basis of changes in conditions or props. Nonetheless, I do not judge and there may be a case where you legitimately have to oblige a component of a reaction to re-renovate, so let's have it!

Force React Component Render

There are several ways to force a component component return, but they are essentially the same. The first one uses this.forceUpdate () which skips .ComponentUpdate :

someMethod () 

Assuming that your component has a state you could also mention:

someMethod () 

This blog is not meant to be prescriptive, so I will not criticize developers for using this brute force method. Again, there is probably a better, more "React-y" way to correctly display a component, but if you are desperate for a component render on command, there are many ways to do this with React .

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