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Incapsula Web Application Firewall (sponsored)

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When I speak to people who spoke before front-end jobs during cryptocurrency exchanges, they always tell me how surprised they are that a majority of the interview questions are safety-oriented. Basic front-end security methods are a fair game for all front-end developer interviews, but everything in the financial sector, especially cryptocurrency, is going to be tested.

I have been asked to look at and become acquainted with Incapsula, a service that provides CDN, web security and DDOS security (among others) for your organizations. Always wanting to stay in the forefront, Incapsula offers security and protection for blockchain-based companies and institutions.

Fast hits

  • Incapsula offers you a free trial period of seven days
  • Incapsula offers CDN, security, DDoS security, load balancing and more
  • Incapsula is trusted by Wix, Thomson Reuters, Hitachi and Siemens
  • Incapsula has added a focus on blockchain-based security and availability
  • The WAF service of Incapsula is an all-in-one solution to protect your web assets

As we invest more online banking and investing, be it traditional financial transactions or cryptocurrencies, it is important that our web assets are safe, well available, that their delivery is optimized and as immune as possible to DDoS- to attack. Refusing customers to access the site due to DDoS or not being able to deliver assets, especially in the very volatile time of cryptocurrencies, can lose your money and customers very quickly.

And if you are looking for your own cryptocurrency via ICO, you have to let the ICO run smoothly, otherwise you could sink before it starts. There have been many cases of ICOs by DDoS and content-hacking cases, whereby money was transferred to a hacker's portfolios. Yikes!

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Incapsula offers a Web Application Firewall (WAF) that analyzes all user access to your web application and protects your application against cyber attacks. It protects against attacks from all web applications, including OWASP top 10 threats and blocks malicious bots. It determines which visitors have access to your application with traffic filtering based on various factors.

The WAF provides profiles for all aspects of the web application for detecting attacks, such as preventing an attack on a site that is dependent on cross-site scripting. With this protection your site can avoid annoying validation requests, such as a CAPTCHA, which occur on many sites

The Web Application Firewall from Incapsula, which protects access to your web assets, detects attacks and prevents site defacing, is an incredible tool to keep every site safe, but is an essential service for traditional and new age financial services. Give Incapsula a look for your DDoS, CDN and security needs – the service looks great!

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