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Mobile Analytics moves to Amazon Pinpoint

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Today we announce a timeline for the unification of Mobile Analytics with Amazon Pinpoint. Amazon Pinpoint is a service that includes mobile analysis functions and builds on real-time analysis of apps, user segmentation, real-time data export and tools for user involvement. For more information, see the Amazon Pinpoint page.

After April 30, 2018, Mobile Analytics users will have access to all their data on Amazon Pinpoint without having to change the existing app integrations. Analytics data and reporting are available in the Amazon Pinpoint console. With Amazon Pinpoint you can measure everything Mobile Analytics does, such as app usage, revenue and custom events. In addition, you can segment users based on this data and export the data in real time. These Amazon Pinpoint features are available without having to make changes to your Mobile Analytics deployment, write additional code, or implement new versions of your apps.

Amazon Pinpoint builds on analysis capabilities by enabling you to run targeted message campaigns via push notifications, email and SMS to increase user engagement and retention. You can also set up direct message workflows for tasks such as order confirmations, password recovery warnings, and so on.

Data export from Amazon Pinpoint is delivered via real-time event streams, via Amazon Kinesis. Users who use the existing auto-export function in Mobile Analytics must update their settings on Amazon Pinpoint to continue to export event data. Event streams also allow you to transform, encode and deliver real-time analytical data to destinations such as Amazon S3, Amazon Redshift or Amazon Elasticsearch Service.

An overview of the unification of Mobile Analytics with Amazon Pinpoint is given in the following table. Click on the links & # 39; More information & # 39; in the table for more information in the Mobile Analytics documentation.

Do you have any questions? Go to our forum announcement to discuss specific topics.

Overview of the unification

The table below contains details about Mobile Analytics that is combined with Amazon Pinpoint.


Details about abstinence
Mobile Analytics REST API for submitting events Is automatically forwarded to APIs of Amazon Pinpoint. No action is required from users with existing integrations.
Mobile analysis in AWS mobile SDK & # 39; s Supported via Amazon Pinpoint in AWS Mobile SDK & # 39; s. Previous versions of SDK & # 39; s for mobile analysis that are currently in use continue to report events. More information.
Car export to Amazon S3 and Amazon Redshift Replaced by export to event stream based Amazon Pinpoint. Event data from existing app integrations are available for export via Amazon Pinpoint. Existing auto-export setups will not be available after April 30, 2018. More information.
Mobile Analytics console Replaced by the Amazon Pinpoint console. More information.
API for mobile Analytics search Not available after April 30, 2018. You can calculate KPIs for mobile analysis using definitions from the documentation and raw data from event streams. More information.

* This message was contributed by Prashant Pisipati. Prashant is Senior Product Manager at Amazon Pinpoint.

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