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My Bitcoin and Monero in the browser

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I recently heard this story from Buenos Aires, where a Starbucks was caught, was caught digging cryptocurrency on client computers trying to connect to use free Wi-Fi. I also recently conducted a Twitter survey with the question of whether people allow sites to exploit cryptocurrency on every page as an alternative to advertising. Most preferred advertising, but it has made people think about new types of advertising models.

All this got me thinking about how a developer can implement Bitcoin (or Ethereum or Monero, etc.) on a web page that uses JavaScript. It is super simple with coin-hive, a tool made for Monero and other cryptocurrency mines!

Note: I absolutely disagree with the idea that you have to mine my cryptocurrency on a visitor machine without their knowledge. This is a breach of trust, a discharge of their battery, a possible increase in their energy costs, etc.

CoinHive is a service, so you must sign up for an account. You can view their conditions as you wish. Next you want the package with the beehive :

 npm install-g coin-hive 

Now you can mines on your local computer with a short JavaScript snippet:

 const CoinHive = require (& # 39; coin-hive & # 39;);

(async () => ) (); 

This fragment works both in Node.js and in the browser. coin-hive also has command line support. The CoinHive web dashboard gives you a nice summary of what you have generated and earned.

The process is pretty simple, but again, just because it's easy, does not mean that it's something you have to add to your public website without thinking about how you'll address the privacy issues. Also consider that you need a large amount of mining to earn real money.

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