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Telephone number validation with numverify

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telephone number validation with numverify - Telephone number validation with numverify

When we think about form validation, phone numbers are not the most urgent piece of information that needs to be validated, but if the phone number is absolutely crucial for your business or application, you must make every effort to ensure the exact number is correct. And the truth is that most of the individual phone number elements are not masked and do not require sufficient information, so that users provide their phone numbers with and without dashes, pairings and even without country or area numbers, which makes the field with the phone number a bit of a non- authenticated, misused field.

How can you validate and analyze more advanced phone numbers? You can use numverify, a complete, reliable and user-friendly phone number validation service!

Fast hits

  • numverify register for free
  • numverify is trusted by and HomeAdvisor
  • the numverify API is incredibly easy to use
  • numverify provides JSONP functionality
  • numverify not only validates the phone number, but also gives the country code and the courier service
  • numverify is from the same service provider for currency player, eversign and streetlayer

using numverify

Just like currencylayer and eversign, the numverify API is super easy to use, for which you only need to provide an API key and a phone number:


This call contains some very detailed information:

Let's take a closer look at the reaction:

  • valid – The most basic desired state – is the phone number valid or not?
  • international_format – Provides the telephone number with its international format
  • country_prefix – The international prefix of the telephone number
  • country_code and country_name – Information about the country of origin of the telephone number
  • location carrier and line type – these fields offer an amazing degree of detail about the telephone number, including city, telephone supplier and whether the telephone number is mobile, fixed line, premium or free.

numverify is Awesome

When I think of validation, I think of regular expressions and basic data scrubbing, but numverify offers so much more information – country, line type and carrier information are great added bonuses for your traditional phone number insight. numverify is a great tool to keep your telephone number valid and informative – try it!

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